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IPA has expanded to serve Pre- and Post- biotics. Join us as we advance the industry together.

We bring clarity to
a complex world.

IPA is a global non-profit organization that advocates for the safe and efficacious use of Pre-, Pro- and Post- biotics. We bring together the knowledge and resources of scientists, healthcare professionals, academics and regulators to define clear standards that advance the quality of Pre-, Pro- and Post- biotics.

IPA is committed to:

  • Advocating for the industry
  • Contributing to Education and Outreach Efforts
  • Connecting and Engaging Members
  • Promoting Scientific Research
  • Championing Standards Development

Our new website is under construction.

In the meantime, please visit our current website for more details about the organization.

Check back soon for updates.

The Global Voice of
Pre-, Pro- and Post- biotics.

We serve members across the biotics landscape, including those who work with human (infant to adult) and companion animals products.


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